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Cake Slice Box Free Printable Template

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Print a bunch of these Free Printable Cake slice Box Template and share a slice of life to your loved ones!

While staying at home becoming the new normal, a lot of people (including my sister) jumped into the baking bandwagon. Almost every weekend, she will send us slices of cake and its just plain delicious! It so good I could still taste it. Until she complains of running out of plastic containers. I know right?!

So today I was inspired to create a Cake slice box printable template that my sister

can use whenever she wants to give away slices of cake. I created 4 designs in 2

color theme; mauve pink and waikawa grey our favorite color.

If you're like my sister who loves to give away home-baked cakes. We are happy to

share with you the Slice Cake Box Printable template for free! Yey! It's so cute you

can use it for slice of pies too or even use it as a treat box, stash a sweet candies for birthdays, baby showers or group parties.

The file is in PDF and is in US letter size. Best to be printed in an 8.5″ x 11″

card stock. The box itself can fit a regular size slice of cake and since its a

top bottom box you can adjust the height if you have a taller piece of cake. You can

also put a parchment paper for grease proof.

Create your own Cake Slice box in these easy steps!

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