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Free Printable Kids Workout Dice Game

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The No-School-Survival-Kit Printable

Today I am sharing with you a printable game that you can add to your kids activities while staying at home. Adding a morning workout to your kid's routine can be pretty much difficult so why not turn it into a game? Simply download our Free Kids Workout Dice Game in the below link; Print, cut, fold and paste!

Gather your kids around and let them take turns in rolling the printable dice and act

whichever animal they land on and will definitely burn off some of their energy. 30 to 60 seconds of activity per animal is good depending on the age of the child. I have chosen 6 popular animal exercises; Crab Walk, Frog Jumps, Bear Walk, Crouching tiger, Duck walk and Bunny Hops. These are also the actual exercises that my son is doing before at school and was recommended by his teacher to continue doing so at home.

The Free Kids Workout Dice Game is in PDF file which also includes a printable Instruction Guide on How to do each Animal exercises. Plus! another printable dice design for young adults like us (truth or dare maybe?). Best to be printed in an 8.5″ x 11″ card stock.

Plus let your kids build their own dice. Us grown-ups do the printing and cutting and let them fold and paste. Good for developing their fine motor skills whereas the actual workout game is good for their gross motor. Crafty, healthy and fun!

Create your own DICE in 4 Easy Steps

REMINDER : For Step 2 do not cut the TABS

or simply watch the youtube video below

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