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Free Printable POST-IT Notes

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Free Printable templates for 2020 Calendar, To Do List and Motivational Quotes!

Why not leave a note to your spouse, kids, work or office mates. A simple note can lift someone's spirit. I made a little few notes that'll remind us to love & believe in ourselves.

This sticky notes you can put around the house or your office wall or desk even in your personal journal or planner that's why I made two more additional set which is the 2020 monthly calendar and To Do List.

For my own set I used the brown colored post-it as I like it a bit dramatic and vintage. But of course you can use any post-it colors that you desire.

So, how to print on post-it? First download and print the sticky-note template, this will be the placeholder for your "3x3" sticky-notes. The file is in PDF and in US letter size. Make sure to print using the actual size in your printer setting and use the correct paper size. Click the picture below to download.

Once printed, cover all the boxes with sticky notes and re-insert in your printer paper tray, sticky end first. Use the manual feed of your printer. Choose which template (calendar, quotes & to do) you would like to print and voila!

Click below to Download:

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