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Monstera Inspired Recipe Card Free Printable (4x6)

Store and organize recipes that will be passed down from generation to generation with these Free Printable Recipe Card!

Since people everywhere are cooking more than they ever have before, I was inspired to create a Printable Recipe Card. Jot down your regular-rotation and newly found food recipes with these Monstera Inspired Printable Recipe card which i'm so happy to share with you for free!

Why Monstera? Well, these houseplant played an important role in improving our indoor wellbeing and has become our quarantine buddy. But of course there are other indoor plants too.. but Monstera is my favorite.

The file is in PDF which contains the front and back portion and the actual size is 4x6 inches. Best to be printed in an A6 card stock or can also work on a US letter size and 5x7 just adjust your printer settings.

Hope you LIKE IT! Make sure to also like our Facebook page and Instagram account for more fun freentables!

Follow The Dash are for personal use only. Strictly not for sale or commercial use.

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