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Monthly Planner Cards - Free Printable

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

These cards are great for keeping important notes or monthly highlights!

Cute and simple way to accessorize your planner (the chunkier the better, right?) or punch this to your personal binder organizer. How about washi tape them to your desktop? There's so much you can do with these monthly planner cards printable.

Highlight important events for the month, make it as your monthly birthday list, reminders or To Do's. You can do whatever you want!

The file is in PDF and I recommend to print in an 8" x 11" cardstock. Each cards are 3"x 3" inches in measurement and make sure to choose the actual size in your printer settings. You can print the whole set, cut and slide to your planner pocket and use it on a monthly basis or it's up to you on when or where you want to use it since as for me I have posted all on my wall, like a wall art and stuff *wink.

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Follow The Dash are for personal use only. Strictly not for sale or commercial use.

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