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Valentine's day Pick-up line Note Cards

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Use one, or use them all, each and everyone of them is sure to get a smile. Whether it's your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or any person you are trying to engage into romance or dating, it's a sure win of excitement!...more til they flip the card.

As cheesy as it sound but if you want to spread more love and lot of happiness, this are for you!

It's very easy to create. All you need is just a printer, an 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, scissor and of course the Free Printable Pick-up Line template that you can download HERE.




1. Download the free template on your computer.

2. Print back to back in an 8.5" x 11" cardstock. If you're not familiar with your printer settings. Make sure to use the manual feed of your printer. Print page 1 first then flip the blank side for the 2nd page making sure to print again using the same top end.

3. Once printed, you may now start to cut the flip cards.

Give one or give all! You may insert in a bouquet of flowers or with chocolates, slip into a nice envelope, insert into his/her planner or journal or anything that you could think of that'll surprise your loved ones.

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Follow The Dash are for personal use only. Strictly not for sale or commercial use.

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